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The Logic Transport offers a fully cloud based Transport Management System (TMS).

It's a modular based TMS and can be easily integrated in your existing IT-landscape. There is no need whatsoever to own or maintain any server hardware.
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Our TMS takes care of all the administration, this module is designed to manage the financial side of your logistics operation. It consists of creating rate cards, fuel surcharge models, contracts and assigning these to customers or their locations. When a new order is inserted it automatically selects the applicable rate and DOT card. After the order is delivered it gets ready for invoicing, of course the system supports all kinds of grouped invoices.
In this module of resource and maintenance management The Logic Transport enables you to plan your drivers, and see that immediately corresponded in the planboard. Furthermore, it lets you plan the maintenance of your trucks/trailers/vans so that all stakeholders can take this into account.
The planner plans according to driver availability, resource availability, product and package types, time of latest action performed by driver, time windows, rest stops, other activities, and all of this while the distance and duration is constantly re-calculated providing your planner (and your customer) with optimal insight and an accurate Estimate Time of Arrival. Aside from this, the planner uses KPI’s to track his performance.
Part of The Logic Transport is the integrated Driver App. It supports the driver in doing his daily business: it guides him through his work displaying trip, stop and activity information; it asks the right questions at the right time and it arranges communication between the driver and the planner/dispatcher. The integrated Driver App puts the planner in control: it enables him to orchestrate the transports. Also it helps the driver in executing his job efficiently.